About the Creators

Steve Whysel, Author

Steve is an 81 year old aspiring author who was motivated by the Covid-19 Pandemic and our country's current social morass to complete this children's story not only because our kids need to have some fun but to also learn some important life lessons.


Steve hopes his impressionable, young readers will learn the value of DIVERSITY and COOPERATION. In the story, forest creatures of all colors, shapes, and sizes achieve amazing things together and have a ton of fun in the process. He also introduces children to the concept of PRACTICE, and its vital role in building their SELF-CONFIDENCE to try new activities.



Quinn Chavez, Illustrator

Quinn, our ace illustrator, is 15 years old and started digitally drawing when he was 10. His first love is to draw animals, and as you can see, he lets his unique imagination blossom in this book. He is currently a High School student and looks forward to building a successful career in art.