Go to This will take you to my book's page. Then scroll down to "Write a review", enter the number of stars you wish to give the book, then write your review and hit submit!. You did it!!! Reviews are truly appreciated!


J.W. 08/08/2020; "Your website is great! It's so sweet to see the cross-generational writer & artist page.

Young people having the ability to freelance digital art across boundaries of time & space is one of the most wonderful things about this modern era".

M.S. 09/08/2020; (after viewing the "Teaser Video")  " Loved being teased! Especially loved the "accent" of the narrator.  As for the illustrator...well...awesome.. So proud of you".
D. B. 09/10/2020: "Your teaser (video) was perfect. Just the right amount of tease with a great voice to whet one's curiosity. We both enjoyed it very much."
Dr. B.H. 09/10/2020; "That is awesome Mr. Whysel! I watched the video and loved it. I'm so happy to see that it will be published. Looking forward to reading the entire book"

Dr. B.H. 10/19/2020: "Just read the book to my 5 and 6 yo sons. They actually sat still for the entire book. We loved 
reading it! ...."